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Stacking Wood: Lessons in Asking the Right Questions

The Parables of the Persistent Widow and the Pharisee & the Tax Collector. What are the questions we should be asking? We all get hot chocolate in the end.

Jesus Never Rode a School Bus

Bri-anne was never the cool kid in school. Jesus is the worst dinner guest ever. God doesn't value what the world values. You (yes, YOU!) are loved and beloved.

Vive la Révolution

"I could be your grandchild!" A sermon offered at Westway United Church on February 24, 2019.

The Blessings and the Woes

Episode 24: Jesus comes down from the mountain for a chat. Teenage Bri-anne gets snarky with Jesus when he says poverty is, in any way, a blessing. Poverty is never the fault of the poor. Music by Sigrid Aase and Louis Puggaard-Müller.