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Vive la Révolution

"I could be your grandchild!" A sermon offered at Westway United Church on February 24, 2019.

The Blessings and the Woes

Episode 24: Jesus comes down from the mountain for a chat. Teenage Bri-anne gets snarky with Jesus when he says poverty is, in any way, a blessing. Poverty is never the fault of the poor. Music by Sigrid Aase and Louis Puggaard-Müller.

Bird on a Wire: The Love Songs of Leonard Cohen

Episode 23: A Live recording from February 10, 2019 at Ravenshoe United Church. Exploring LOVE through the songs of Leonard Cohen and the words of Kahlil Gibran.

Let Healing Swiftly Come: Part 2

Episode 22:We start off with amazement, but then the community tries to throw Jesus off a cliff. Well, that escalated quickly. Bri-anne got a new dog! Readings by Jason Meyers and Rev. Andrea Allen. Music by Cat Stevens and Jaypee Jaypar.

Let Healing Swiftly Come: Part 1

Episode 21: Jesus proclaims his purpose. Bri-anne doesn't like the cold, or the baggage of childhood Christology. Music by Drew Pierce, Buddy, Greene, Bri-anne Swan and Zoë Ladner.

Bringing the Gifts

Episode 19: The wise men show up bringing their gifts, but what are they for? Just because something didn't historically happen doesn't mean it's not true. What are we taking from our stories? Music by The Great Wilderness and Daughter.

O Come: A Christmas Eve Special

An account of Jesus' birth according to the Gospel of Luke. Music by Mercedes Valentine, Bri-anne Swan, Chris Tindal, The Crofts Family and The Many.

Address to the York Region District School Board Standing Committee

Comments speaking to threats of legal action made by the East Gwillimbury-Whitchurch Stoufville Trustee-Elect.

If Together is All That We’ve Got

Episode 18: Risk and Enmeshment - Ruth clings to Naomi. Love your neighbour because you ARE your neighbour. Vote Nov 6th. Music by Christa Couture and The Sun Harmonic.

God is Here (and so are we)

Episode 17: Xenophobia wins an East Gwillimbury election. Jesus tells us to go out into the World. Prayers for the friends, family and community of the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburg. Music by Agency, Jessica Allossery and Carolyn McDade.