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Catch the Bird of Heaven: The Passion According to Luke

A special Good Friday Episode. The Passion of Jesus Christ according to the Gospel of Luke, set against popular music by an international array of artists.

Just Kiss Her Better: Toddler Wisdom on Death & Love

Episode 29: It's Holy Week, kids. Palm into Passion. My son meets a dead raccoon on the side of the road and learns Mama can't fix everything. Jesus dies a scandalous death and we spend the next 2000 years wondering why. Music by Kate Rusby and Stan Rogers. Reading by Isaiah.

Said Judas to Mary: A Lavish Love

Episode 28: Mary anoints Jesus for burial. Judas becomes annoyed, but Jesus is on to him. A health benefits company tests the waters and things blow up. A lavish and extravagant demonstration of love and devotion. Touch can be sensual without being sexual. Once again, it's a woman who truly gets what's going on. Words by Kahlil Gibran. Music by Sam Phillips and Sydney Carter.

Embracing the Celebration

Episode 27: SCOTUS prevents an execution and the key player is...surprising. The Prodigal Son. Bri-anne has some work to do on opening her heart. Music by Ainsley McNeaney and Ry Cooder. Reading by the Rt. Rev. Dr. Richard Bott. Poetry by A Sanctified Art.

Welcome, Brother

Episode 26: Lent 2. We lament the massacre in Christchurch, New Zealand. God's covenant with God. The pharisees are not the bad guys. Christians. Jews. Muslims. We are a very dysfunctional family. Music by Sami Yusuf and Bri-anne Swan. Words by Sarah Ayre and the Newmarket Islamic Centre

Lessons in the Wilderness

Episode 25: Welcome to Lent. The SNC Lavelin affair is big news right now. Jesus is tempted by the devil in the wilderness. Earthly authority is not God's authority. Music by Sam Larkin and Good Harvest. Poetry by Rumi.

Vive la Révolution

"I could be your grandchild!" A sermon offered at Westway United Church on February 24, 2019.

The Blessings and the Woes

Episode 24: Jesus comes down from the mountain for a chat. Teenage Bri-anne gets snarky with Jesus when he says poverty is, in any way, a blessing. Poverty is never the fault of the poor. Music by Sigrid Aase and Louis Puggaard-Müller.

Bird on a Wire: The Love Songs of Leonard Cohen

Episode 23: A Live recording from February 10, 2019 at Ravenshoe United Church. Exploring LOVE through the songs of Leonard Cohen and the words of Kahlil Gibran.

Let Healing Swiftly Come: Part 2

Episode 22:We start off with amazement, but then the community tries to throw Jesus off a cliff. Well, that escalated quickly. Bri-anne got a new dog! Readings by Jason Meyers and Rev. Andrea Allen. Music by Cat Stevens and Jaypee Jaypar.