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Episode 10: Love is an Action

Episode 10: Jesus is starting to sound like a broken record. LOVE ONE ANOTHER ALREADY! Music by Michigan Americana Duo Escaping Pavement. Poetry by Bengali writer Rabindranath Tagore.

God will Hunt You Down: Psalm 23, 90s Rap and Children’s Stories

Episode 9: Psalm 23. God not only follows but is ready to hunt us down. Bunnies. Music by Colleen Costello, Postmodern Jukebox and Coolio. Sort of.

Nowhere but Somewhere to Hide

Episode 8: Jesus shows up and starts breathing funny. Thomas misses the whole thing. How do we demonstrate the value we place on people's lives? Music by Two Roads Home, Fruit and ursidae

Mini Episode: Death is Not the Last Word

April Fools! Guess what, Mary...he's not the gardener! Redemption can be found even in the darkest, the most broken, the most neglected and shattered of places. Music by Ainsley McNeaney.

Mini Episode: It Is Finished

Jesus is killed - violently and shamefully - on a cross. We now commence the mourning. Music by Ainsley McNeaney.

90s Passion: Jesus’ Final Days

Episode 7: 90s music tells the story of Jesus' journey towards execution on this special Holy Week episode. What if God was one of us?

Angry Jesus, Imperialism & Institutional Church

Episode 6: Jesus is super angry at the religious establishment. Lots of people are (rightly) super angry at the Church. Music by Ainsley McNeaney and Melanie Frade. Words by Kahlil Giban.

To Wear the Crown of Peace: We’ve All Been Told a Lie

Episode 5: Exploring Lent through the songs of Gordon Lightfoot. Jesus says he's gonna die and Peter is upset. The myth (lie, really) of redemptive violence. Music by Ainsley McNeaney.

Never Again: A Change of Many Hearts

Episode 4: God gets violent but then has a change of heart, Michael Coren thinks about Jesus and then has a change of heart, Bri-anne climbs off her soap box (at least for a little while). Music by Jake Tavill / Ainsley McNeaney.

Harry Potter and the Ethics of Living

Our next Harry Potter & the Ethics of Living group discussion is taking place Tuesday, March 20, 5:30pm at The Burrow (1 Mondial Crescent). Know a kid aged 10-14 who loves the Harry Potter films and movies? They are most welcome to join us in our examination of what the books have to teach us about living with compassion, kindness, bravery and a sense of justice in the world. Kids from any faith background (or no faith background!) are very welcome. We use Harry Potter as our text and our guide for discussion.   RSVP to hi@livingpresenceministry.org. We'd love to meet some more Potterheads!  👓