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Address to the York Region District School Board Standing Committee

Comments speaking to threats of legal action made by the East Gwillimbury-Whitchurch Stoufville Trustee-Elect.

If Together is All That We’ve Got

Episode 18: Risk and Enmeshment - Ruth clings to Naomi. Love your neighbour because you ARE your neighbour. Vote Nov 6th. Music by Christa Couture and The Sun Harmonic.

God is Here (and so are we)

Episode 17: Xenophobia wins an East Gwillimbury election. Jesus tells us to go out into the World. Prayers for the friends, family and community of the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburg. Music by Agency, Jessica Allossery and Carolyn McDade.

No Time to Get Distracted

Whether Elizabeth Terrell-Tracey ends of trustee is not the point. The real work is in addressing how people voted for her in the first place.

When Xenophobia Wins an Election

Partisanship is not okay, but we are called to name injustice where we see it.

Wisdom Cries Out

Mini Episode: Wisdom is crying out in the streets and she's angry. Sound familiar? Bri-anne is pathetically sick. Music by Rod MacDonald and Jump Little Children.

Find Somewhere to Go (Because we Grow Where We are Needed)

Episode 16: Jesus facepalms his way through Mark's gospel as the disciples keep missing the point. So does the Church. Who are we called to follow? How do we stay salty? Music by Raïssa Simone and The Sweet Maries. Words by Kahlil Gibran.

Come Healing: A Lament for Survivors

Episode 15: David exploits his power to rape Bathsheba, then kills her husband to prevent his power from being threatened. Brett Kavanaugh gets voted into the Supreme Court, and those in power can hold onto more of it. Patriarchy sucks, but we've all grown up in it. Music by MILCK and First Unitarian Congregation, Brooklyn

Ontario United Church Ministers write an Open Letter to Doug Ford

A letter signed by over 400 United Church of Canada ministry leaders addressed to the recently elected Premier of Ontario. Our Community Minister, Bri-anne Swan, is one of the signatories.

Born This Way: Risking the Waves & Calming the Storm

Episode 14: HAPPY PRIDE!! A short history of the harm churches have inflicted on LGBT communities and the hope that comes from mending relationships. The time I thought I was going to die on the Pacific Ocean. Jesus calms the storm. David finds comfort with Jonathan. Music by the brilliant choir of Eastminster United Church in Toronto.