A Response to “The Nashville Statement”

On August 29th, The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood released “The Nashville Statement” – a manifesto written by a coalition of conservative evangelical leaders.   The document outlines the views of the writers regarding homosexuality and gender identity.  Living Presence Ministry does not agree with their statements.

P.S.  They released this document while PEOPLE ARE DROWNING in Texas…

The Nashville statement – it sucks, and it doesn’t speak for us.

Did you know that many scholars understand there to be six (SIX!) different genders within early Jewish scripture? Or that Joseph’s “coat of many colours” (think Donny Osmond…) shares the same Hebrew word as “robe with long sleeves” or …“princess dress”? Or that when Paul (an early Christian apostle) is discussing homosexuality, his commentary is just as likely to be about abuses of power and protecting the vulnerable?

Documents like The Nashville Statement are harmful because of the painful version of Christianity they promote, making it seem like those who signed this manifesto are speaking for ALL Christians, rather than just a small number.

Unfortunately, this small number hold a disproportionate amount of power right now (some of the signatories are part of Donald Trump’s inner circle).

Jesus spoke about homosexuality and gender identity exactly ZERO times in any of the gospels. He did, however, have an awful lot to say about helping the poor, loving one’s neighbour, and a call to discipleship. I wish the authors of this document seemed more concerned with those things, rather than condemning women who insist on having their own bank account, ostracizing people who fall in love, and shunning people who express who they are at their deepest and most authentic level.

It also makes me wonder what they’re trying to distract us from…

The Nashville Statement sucks. It’s wrong. It’s dangerous. It’s exactly how not to practice loving your neighbour.

Here are a couple of the many responses to The Nashville Statement.

The Denver Statement

The Christians United Statement

And because you can’t have too much Donny Osmond…

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