Life in Boxes

So…we’re at T-7 days! Next Saturday, me, my husband, our two boys, the family cat and a big giant moving truck will be schlepping from our current home in Toronto to our new home in Queensville.  This house is so brand spankin’ new, I wasn’t able to complete my Amazon order this morning.  They kept insisting my address doesn’t exist. A First World problem to be sure, but I couldn’t even get their computer to recognize my postal code so they could send my package to the closest post office.


We’re in that awkward pre-move phase where most of our things are in boxes, but we can’t quite pack everything because although my kids would be totally fine ordering pizza for seven nights straight, we still should be cooking at least some of our own meals.

As we creep closer and closer to our moving date, I find myself trying to take advantage of as many of the things I love about my neighbourhood as possible:  Our corner coffee shop where the cook comes out to high five my kids as we pass by on the way to school.  The local butcher who knows my favourite Alsace sausages.  The splash pad across the street.  The farmer’s market next door.  Sitting with a cup of tea by Lake Ontario and watching my sons spend an hour simply throwing rocks into the water.  

I am going to miss this place.

I imagine that at least some of you went through a similar process as you prepared to move to East Gwillimbury.  No matter how exciting the new adventure is, there is a process of wrapping up the old.  What that looks like will vary for different people and different circumstances. Maybe were you completely happy to leave wherever you came from?  But perhaps, like me, you were also feeling some ambivalence.  I love East Gwillimbury and the people I’ve met since I started working with the Living Presence Ministry in January.  I look forward to being more easily accessible and closer to the friends I’ve made in York Region.  I also look forward to not being in my car for 10 hours a week (although if anybody needs podcast or audiobook recommendations, I’m your woman).

But I’ve also lived in Toronto since I was 18 years old.  I made friends here.  I met my husband here.  I found a church community here.  I had my children here.  I built a life here.  It’s a good one.  

I’m sad about what I’m leaving.  However, I’m able to hold that sadness simultaneously with being excited about all the amazing opportunities that await once we’re finally settled in The Burrow.

All of this is to say…

If you’re sitting in your lovely new house, looking around, perhaps wondering why it feels so hard because you’ve wanted to get into your home and start this phase of your life for a long time…I get it.  You’re not alone.

And maybe once I get my teapot unpacked, we can sit down for a chat.

Let’s get to know each other. 

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